A landslide. The wrong language.

Those were all it took for Sano's life to change.

Sixteen-year-old Sano grew up in a forest with only his mother to keep him company. After his mother leaves him alone for a few days, a careless display of illegal magic catapults him out of his reclusion. Sano finds himself pursued by the king's warriors, with certain death awaiting him if he is captured.

But it's a dangerous time to be a fugitive in the Kingdom of Dayung. The greedy, ruthless king is desperate to eliminate any threats to his power. A reviled figure from a shameful past lurks among the shadows. And to top it all, a mysterious wind is plaguing the kingdom, turning people into wood.

Thrust into the world he knows next to nothing about, Sano is aided only by a reluctant ally, Anina, who seeks the secret to gaining magic. Together, they must find a way to reunite with Sano's mother without getting swept up in the secrets and conspiracies that riddle their journey.